De Lima directed the NBI to start Binay probe

Justice Secretary Leila De Lima directed National Bureau of Investigation to dig into corruption accusations being thrown to Vice President Jejomar Binay. “We will be doing this investigation as a sort of parallel investigation.”

“The NBI will be creating a team for this. In fact, forming the team has already started, a very dedicated team,” the justice chief said.

De Lima will choose allegations on Binay in which the NBI can help investigating. She added that if all allegations will be investigated by the NBI it will take some time. “I’ve been collating those allegations.”

Report to be made by the DOJ will only help the Ombudsman, the department will not recommend for prosecution. “We will leave it up to the judgment and the discretion of the Ombudsman.” She said there would be no progress reports for media to avoid distractions for the part of NBI.

The NBI probe will also investigate if former Makati City vice-mayor Mercado is telling the truth.

Secretary de Lima had a meeting with former Makati City Vice-Mayor Ernesto Mercado, Atty. Renato Bondal, and Nicolas Enciso VI.