Trillanes: I want Binay in jail

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said he wants jail time for Binay. “I am not too concerned with impeachment because I want him to be in jail.”

“I’m going to discourage people from filing an impeachment case,” Trillanes added. These plunder acts of Binay were done before he was elected Vice President.

Binay said in his Tuesday speech in front of more than a thousand public attorneys that he cannot be impeached for the things he did before his Vice Presidency. “The only reason I can be removed from office is a violation during my term of office as Vice President.”

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago said that Binay can be impeached in the grounds of betraying public trust. “In my humble, personal opinion, the question of impeachment should have nothing to do with when the crime was committed”

“Binay promises to make a detailed defense not in the Senate hearing, but in the Ombudsman, where he is facing plunder and other criminal charges. Unfortunately, the law does not allow Binay to just choose the forum where he shall make his defense,” the lady Senator said.

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