Binay, Aquino had a private meeting Tuesday night

Vice President Jejomar Binay had a private meeting with President Benigno Aquino III night of Tuesday, same day VP Binay denounced the administration’s selective justice. The meeting was confirmed by Binay Wednesday night.

According to the Vice President the meeting was more of friendly meet-up. “It was a friendly talk. You should know the President, especially when you are friends. No politics, no problems.”

He personally told the President that he believe Aquino is not behind the Oplan Stop Nognog 2016.

“Our friendship remains strong. It has been a friendship up to issues of life and death and it has been tried. In fact, our friendship is even becoming stronger,” Binay said. “We parted jovially, laughing about the old days.”

“Before the fire might get too big, and fully aware that some people might take advantage of the situation, they have threshed it out among themselves what the Vice President really meant,” Binay’s spokesman Jonvic Remulla said.

Binay said in a Public Attorneys Office event before he met Aquino, “There is selective justice. We, the opposition are the primary targets.” He added, “There is no such animal in the law called DAP. Whatever they say, there is really none. What is there defense? Wow, the defense is, the end justifies the means.”