CNN Philippines to help broadcast industry

Radio Philippines Network 9, after undergoing several re-branding, will become CNN Philippines coming January 2015. “We confirm report that 9TV will be rebranded as CNN Philippines,” Nine Media Corporation President Benjamin Ramos said. CNN Philippines will be available on free TV.

Formerly RPN 9 and Solar News, 9TV as CNN Philippines will air news coverage and shows produced by CNN international. As part of the deal, CNN Philippines will gather local news for international distribution.

“By integrating local elements and content in its programming, CNN Philippines brings together world-class local and international content for Filipino audiences,” Nine Media Corporation Chairman Antonio Cabangon-Chua said.

Many see this joint venture a welcome development in Philippine news gathering and broadcasting.

“We don’t [want] to compete, we will do it on our own. We will set an example to serve the Filipinos. Media is a very powerful tool, it can make or break our person. Our goal is to help and not to be destructive,” Cabangon-Chua noted.

“It was properly studied that’s why it took so long. It is mutually beneficial. It is not only about business. We will help the industry itself,” he said.

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