PNoy: I am not a dictator so I want to consult the public

President Aquino told reporters, while attending a democracy forum in Indonesia, that Filipinos can still change mind regarding term extension and charter change. “There is still the 18 percent undecided, but what if I get about 13 percent [of the undecided]? That means an absolute majority [favoring charter change to amend term limits]. And that’s not hard to get.”

In the recent Pulse Asia survey, only 38 percent of 1,200 surveyed adult Filipinos are in favor of PNoy seeking re-election on 2016.

“I am not saying that I want to extend my term. But let’s talk about the numbers. When I won in 2010, I got 42 percent of the votes cast. It is not far from the 38 percent,” Aquino added.

“I have a friend who rode a taxi about two days ago. The driver was praising me. He said, ‘I want him to run but he doesn’t want to, according to the news. I just hope the person replacing him will be just like him,’” the President said.

Aquino have been vocal about listening to the Filipino people.

“Will the risk be that great? I am not a dictator so I want to consult the public,” he said.