UNDOF commander Singha now says Filipino troops bravely faced Golan Heights incident

“The Filipino and Fijian peacekeepers bravely faced the situation, and exhibited raw courage, resilience and patience,” UN Disengagement Observer Force Commander (UNDOF) Lt. Gen. Iqbal Singh Singha said in a briefing with United Nations Security Council.

“Despite of all such challenges, it is to the credit of the senior management and peacekeepers from all the troop-contributing countries that in all incidents of detentions since last year, all peacekeepers have been released safely without any harm,” Singha added.

Singha previously said that Filipino peacekeepers act unprofessionally and defied orders. “It is an act of cowardice to desert posts especially when a delicate ceasefire was in place.”

Weeks after the incident last August, all Filipino peacekeepers went home. Peacekeepers were welcomed as heroes by President Aquino. During an event in Malacanang, Aquino said the Filipino troops were put in a “mission impossible.”

Currently, the Philippine government is waiting for the result of UN probe regarding the Golan Heights incident. Result of the probe will determine if Philippines will redeploy troops.