Ten Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopters now at Clark Air Base

Ten out of twenty-one ordered refurbished Bell UH-1 Iroquois or Huey helicopters are now at Clark Air Base in Pampanga. Philippine News Agency reported that these aircraft are now undergoing flight testing and inspection.

Before the end of July this year first four units were delivered. US based Rice Aircraft Services and Canadian Eagle Copters was contracted by Philippine government to provide 21 units of Huey helis through negotiated procurement after several unsuccessful bidding. The contract price is PhP1.25 billion.

These helicopters will act as Philippine Air Force’s utility helicopters. Roles these helicopters can assume include ground attack, air assault, cargo, MEDEVAC, command and control, and troop transport.

Department of National Defense expects these helicopters to be heavily used on transport of troops, search and rescue, and delivery of goods during relief operations.

Remaining units are expected to be delivered before the year ends.