Drilon to Makati City officials: arrest or attend, no one is above the law

Senate President Franklin Drilon reminds Makati Mayor Junjun Binay no one is above the law, may they be powerful, ordinary, rich, poor.

Drilon added that Senate Blue Ribbon will wait for Makati City’s explanation over the alleged overpriced Makati City Building 2 and why they are not appearing on the past sub-committee hearing.

“A resolution was filed in the Senate in aid of legislation, and an investigation is being done for two reasons. Number one, the Senate is looking at what are the weaknesses of our anti-graft laws and that is why we are looking at this. Second, we want to search the truth,” Drilon states.

The Senate President downplays statements alleging the sub-committee is out to discredit VP Binay for 2016 elections. “It is an investigation being done in aid of legislation, and we are not accusing anyone, they are resource persons.”

Binay’s camp rubuts Drilon’s statement. “Drilon says that no one is above the law. We agree, and that includes the senators,” Makati City spokesman Joey Salgado.

Salgado said under Senate rules a sub-committee does not have a power to cite an individual in contempt and order arrest. “It has to be the whole committee.”

Drilon said if they continue to ignore the Blue Ribbon sub-committee, “the committee will be compelled to detain them until they testify.”