Movement to gather eight million signatures for PNoy’s term extension

Movement for Reform, Continuity and Momentum (MORE2COME), the group behind the full-page advertisement in a newspaper calling President Benigno Aquino III to seek for re-election, will conduct a signature campaign to urge PNoy.

MORE2COME eyes to gather initial two million signatures before November 30 this year.

The group will gather the initial two million signatures within Metro Manila. The movement will submit the petition with two million signatures to President Aquino on or before Bonifacio Day.

“We are very confident that we can achieve this initial target,” MORE2COME lead convener Atty. Melvin Matibag said.

“I guarantee you that not even a single centavo from the government fund is being used for our cause,” Matibag added.

RJ Echeverri, co-convener of MORE2COME, said Liberal Party has nothing to do with the movement. “I am no longer part of any political party, When I lost in the [recent] elections, I already have lost contacts with [Liberal Party].” Echeverri lost the mayoralty race in Caloocan City against Oscar Malapitan.

The group is looking to gather eight million signatures from all over the Philippines. “PNoy must now seek a second term in order to make sure that the country stays coursed on the right road and headed for continued growth and reform,” the group said in the full-page advertisement.