World Bank grants financial package for Cebu Bus Rapid Transit

Funding for Bus Rapid Transit in Cebu was approved by The World Bank. The approved USD 141 million financial package will help build a 23-kilometer BRT system in Cebu City. It will cover Bulacao to Talamba in Cebu City.

The national government gladly accepts the financial grant made by World Bank Board Executive Directors.

Philippine government will shoulder the USD87 million to complete the PhP10.6 billion budget for the transport system.

“The goal is not simply to modernize transport facilities and improve commuter experience, it is also to provide the public with a better quality of life,” DOTC Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya said in earlier interviews.

There are five components in a BRT system which include modern buses, exclusive lane or busway, stations, continuously-operating services, systems and technology to ensure BRT buses are not impeded during trips.

BRT system is equally effective with rail systems but with less cost and faster to develop. The department is now studying other possible BRT locations in Metro Manila.