PHL government turning airbase to Clark Green City, eyeing trillion income per year

Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) is optimistic in turning 9,450-hectare of the 36,000-hectare Clark Air Force Base into Green City that will provide almost a million jobs for Filipinos. “The area is half the size of Metro Manila. We expect it to generate about P1.57 trillion per year to the economy and 925,000 jobs,” BCDA president and CEO Arnel Casanova said.

Developers will build government, business, academic, research and development districts base on a building system to create a green environment.

“Renewable energy from sustaining sources will be used by all facilities and buildings in Clark Green City that is half the size of Metro Manila.”

The government will provide basic structures to make Clark accessible to investors while private sector is expected to spend approximately PhP59 billion to build the first phase of Clark Green City covering 1,300 hectares. The said phase will be rolled in next quarters.

The whole project is projected to be completed within 25 years with total cost of PhP200 billion. “We do not get funds from the government. We remit funds to the government,” Casanova stressed.

“The Clark Green city aims to promote inclusive growth and is envisioned to benefit the people of Tarlac, including farmers groups and indigenous people.”