Aegis indebted to the Philippine government

In a bid to attract more costumers, a business process outsourcing (BPO) company in Malaysia published an advertisement video at the expense of companies in the Philippines and the government.

The mother company of the Malaysian BPO, Aegis Corporate said that it regrets the uploading of the said promotional video. It added that it did not had a hand in the development of the video. “The video was developed locally by an agency.”

“Aegis, a global company headquartered in India, values its relationship with the Philippines and is indebted to the Philippine government for Aegis’ growth over the years.”

The company iterates hat it has a great experience of doing business in the Philippines.

“Malaysia is becoming a preferred alternate to the Philippines and is fast emerging as the ultimate investment destination for multinationals,” the promotional video said. It added that Malaysia “is not just stable when it comes to governance, but also in terms of climate as its tropical temperature makes Malaysia a safer zone.”

The original uploaded video was taken down, saying “Aegis Malaysia trashes Phil.”

Weeks before the incident, Philippines marks a million BPO employees.