Palace: Filipinos are not discriminating Chinese

Office of the Philippine President refute allegations that Filipinos are becoming rude and starting to discriminate Chinese in the Philippines.

“I think we are one of the most, if not, the most friendly country in respect of the Filipino-Chinese brethren,” Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda told reporters.

“Are we Filipinos focusing or targeting Chinese? Of course not,” Lacierda emphasized.

“We have not seen any discrimination. We have not seen any form of hostility towards our Filipino-Chinese, or the Mainland Chinese, who are here,” he added.

The issue started when a Chinese government-owned publication wrote, “Poor social governance, an anti-China sentiment and a Western-style democratic system where nationalism can foment wantonly make the Philippines a quasi-rogue state.”

The editorial added, “Apart from this, Manila should take actions to crack down on provocations emanating from the extreme anti-China sentiment.”

Last week, Chinese government advised its citizens not to travel to Philippines after a Chinese businessman was kidnapped. It added that situation for Chinese citizens is deteriorating.