Drilon won’t approve subpoena for VP Binay

“As a matter of respect, I will not issue the subpoena. Respect for the office,” Senate President Franklin Drilon said September 15.

Drilon does not support the idea of forcing VP Binay to attend the Senate blue ribbon sub-committee’s investigation on the alleged over-pricing of a building in Makati city.

“I will not approve of any subpoena to the Vice President. The invitation has been issued. It’s up to him to consider it,” the Senate President added.

Another senator who does not conform in issuing a subpoena is the sub-committee’s chair Senator Aquilino Pimentel III. “I am not inclined to even suggest that we subpoena the Vice President.”

Pimentel added, “If he does not want to attend, therefore he loses the chance to put into the records his testimony under oath. That’s the only thing he will miss.”

Binay’s scheduled live national address to answer allegations was reset within this week. “There will be an appropriate time to address the issues raised during the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing. The Vice President believes the needs of the typhoon victims are immediate and should be attended to,” VP Binay’s spokesperson for political affairs Jonvic Remulla said.