Erap lifts truck ban to help ease port congestion

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada, in a Saturday press conference, lifted day time truck ban in the city indefinitely. This is in hope to ease the problem of port congestion.

“We understand that the national government is confident that it can solve the problem of the port congestion within the few months in time for the holiday season.”

The city council of Manila decided to lift the day time truck ban to give the national government an opportunity to solve the congestion. However, Mayor Estrada pointed out that congestion is already a problem before imposing a truck ban.

“Matagal na pong may port congestion. Hindi po truck ban ang sanhi nito. Mabuti nga po ngayon ay alam na ng taongbayan ang problema ng port congestion.”

President Aquino, before the week ends, said in Davao, “It’s a city ordinance that perhaps, nobody envisioned how bad this would amount to.”

Aquino added that even “ports that support us like Singapore and Kaohsiung” were also affected by the congestion in the port of Manila.

The President added that Manila government had been cooperative to solve the problem. “We’d like to emphasize that all of the intermediate steps that we asked the Manila City Hall to do, they did.”