Aquino to pretenders: Why are you not with us

President Benigno Aquino III, on Friday, conducted an event entitled “Agenda Setting Dialogue” with allies and his cabinet members. The event was attended by the Senate President, House Speaker, lawmakers from majority block, department secretaries and allies from local governments.

It is observed that Vice President Binay, also a member of Aquino’s cabinet, was not in the event. According VP Binay’s personal spokesperson Governor Jonvic Remulla the VP was not invited because he is not part of the coalition.

“But although they aren’t in the same coalition, the Vice President and his family continue to embrace the President’s reform agenda,” Remulla noted.

During the event Aquino outlined some of his administration’s accomplishments. But raised one problem, he said, while his administration continues to plant seeds of growth his critics continue to go against his efforts. And when the harvest is ripe, he said, they are the first ones who take the credit.

However, Aquino added, if they claim that they unite with his administration’s goal, he might ask them, “Bakit hindi namin kayo nakasama?” “Why did you choose to go against our advocacy?”

The President added that the right time to reveal his appointee will come. He said the Filipino people must be the ones who will continue the reforms he started.

“Ang mga kontra sa atin, magtutulak ng sarili nilang kandidato. Sa kanila nga po, na hindi natin kasama ngayon dahil kontra ang prinsipyo nila sa atin, ‘di ba’t natural lang din na kokontra sila sa lahat ng nagawa natin?” the President said.