Duterte to rogue cops: stay away from Davao, or get killed

Amid the scandal involving Quezon City cops, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte made a statement warning cops.

Duterte said if a police officer conducts ‘hulidap’ in Davao City, “I’ll shoot you – do not do it in my city.”

In respect for mayors in Metro Manila, “I cannot be judgmental. I can only say – for the Philippine National Police to raise the vigilance now because crime is in the upsurge,” Duterte said.

“Ilan ba ang syudad sa Pilipinas, 72? Mamili ka ng syudad na assignment mo, ‘wag lang dito sa Davao, kasi kung dito sa Davao, putang ina patayin talaga kita,” he added.

“Ang pulis sa Davao, matino, except for rare instances na involved sa kidnapping, droga, e namamatay naman sila.”

He also issued a statement for Commission on Human Rights. “Ang dapat magpa-seminar sila, sabihin nila, ‘Hoy, pulis, Huwag kayo magpa-hulidap sa Davao, Huwag kayo sa droga, kasi papatayin talaga kayo nung mayor doon, and it has happened and it will happen again.”