Binays prefer impeachment proceedings, lawmaker says

Albay Governor Joey Salceda said the people already heard enough. “We have enough already. It think there are enough accusations already. Why don’t we just go to the house and start an impeachment. For the sake of the country, we need closure.”

Salceda added that issue on Vice President Binay is a matter of national interest. “Binay has 77 percent public trust and right now 41 percent of Filipinos said they would vote for him if elections were held today. His stature as the political leader of the country is certainly of national interest.”

“We have two presidential aspirants fighting each other using the Senate at the expense of the people. There are other primordial issues that need to be tackled by the Senate and therefore [we need] specialized processes provided by the Constitution and it is called impeachment.”

The lawmaker clarified, “It is not for me to say if it is an impeachable offense but anybody can file a complaint. It is up to the committee to decide if there is an impeachable offense. If not, at least the issue is finished.”

“I think the impeachment process is better than a Senate investigation. If you want a conclusion, an impeachment process is certainly preferred to a Senate investigation because it has a closure.”

He added that he think impeachment proceedings is the “preferred route of the Binays.”