Quezon City cops involve in ‘EDSA-incident viral photo’

“We gave them a uniform and a badge, authority, a gun and radio and they used it for a crime. If there is a mortal sin, this is double mortal sin,” Interior and Local Government head Mar Roxas told DZMM.

La Loma station deputy commander Chief Inspector Joseph de Vera and PO2 Jonathan Rodriguez, both suspects in the alleged kidnapping and extortion disguised as anti-drug operation in EDSA last week are now in custody. The incident went viral on the internet via photo.

It was reported that the group seized over PhP2 million.

“This is positive information because we got it from several sources and we cross-verified it,” Roxas added.

Six more active police officers and one dismissed cop are at large. These are dismissed Senior Inspector Marco Polo Estrera, Senior Inspector Oliver Villanueva, Senior Police Officer 1 Rameil Hachero, PO2 Weavin Masa, PO2 Mark De Paz, PO2 Jerome Datinguinoo, PO2 Ebonn Decatoria.

Quezon City Police District chief Chief Superintendent Richard Albano said in their part it really hurts but they need get rid of the ‘scalawags’.