Batangas, Subic eyed as gateway along with Manila port

Transportation and Communication Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya said that cargoes dropped in Manila port are sometimes bound for Batangas or other parts of Luzon. “So I think we could make arrangements that these shipments could be off loaded in Batangas, in the same way, those who are northbound could be off loaded in Subic.”

“So if your bill of lading specifies Manila, it could be dropped off in Subic.”

Abaya said that Philippine Ports Authority will soon sign a memorandum of agreement with Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority to designate Subic port as Manila port’s extension. The same way, an agreement will be arranged with Batangas.

Importers and brokers are given deadline to remove their cargoes from Manila port.

“We are giving them five days to ship out their goods effective Sept. 8. If they don’t we’ll ship them out to Subic. They are using the ports as their warehouse instead of investing in their own warehouse so we are removing them,” Abaya said.

With this plan implemented, congestion in Manila’s port area will be eased.