Bayan calls Binay probe ‘politically motivated’

Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) Chairperson Dr. Carol Araullo said, in a commentary article posted at, “the corruption charges and ensuing Senate investigation against Vice President Binay are clearly politically motivated.”

However, Araullo clarified that Vice President Binay should still answer allegations being thrown to him as key person “in what is being exposed as the systemic plunder of the coffers of Makati City.”

Bayan chairperson added, “It is no secret that overpricing, kickbacks and rigged biddings in government projects are the rule rather than the exception in practically all national agencies and local government units, and are even euphemistically or cryptically called “SOP”.”

“It is clearly hypocritical for President Aquino to unleash his attack dogs against VP Binay and other leaders of the opposition, while shielding himself and his allies from similar demands and mechanisms for accountability.”

“We have no illusions that this latest selective investigation and prosecution of the political opposition is part of an honest and thoroughgoing effort to clean up government. We can expect that once the objectives of demolishing VP Binay’s bid for the presidency is achieved, such charges will be shelved and forgotten like yesterday’s newspaper,” Araullo added.