Jejomar Binay gave monthly allowances to manipulate bidding

During the Thursday Senate sub-committee probe, former Makati City government employee Mario Hechanova said there was an anomaly in the bidding process of the Makati City Hall 2. He was the head of Makati City general service department.

Hechanova said that as bid and awards committee member he did not personally benefited from the contract of building the Makati City Hall 2. However, he said that Mayor Jejomar Binay, now Vice President gave them 200,000 pesos as monthly allowance.

Mario Hechanova said that approximately 200,000 pesos monthly allowance was given by VP Binay to make sure bidders who must win will get the contract.

He said, it was instructed to him that Hilmarc’s Construction Corporation must win the bidding for building the said allegedly overpriced building in Makati.

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