‘The Greatest Escape’ movie for Filipino peace keepers in Golan Heights sought

Representatives and Senators have commended the Armed Forces of the Philippines for the recent Golan Heights-incident involving Filipino Peace Keepers. Negros Oriental Rep. George Arnaiz even suggested to create a film entitled ‘The Greatest Escape’.

“That’s a very good escape. We have to make a movie out of that escape. I’m not kidding,” Negros Oriental Representative said.

Representative Rufus Rodriguez added, “This representation will file a resolution in Congress to congratulate our Armed Forces Chief of Staff, Gregorio Catapang, for a job well done, which was seen by the entire world. The world saw the Filipino flag at its highest.”

General Catapang who is the head of AFP leadership was also commended and was confirmed by the Commission of Appointments as General and AFP Chief.

Catapang said in an interview that Philippines is ready to send Filipino Peace Enforcers when needed. “To secure peace, that’s no longer peace keeping, that’s enforcement operation.” Peace enforcers will have more capable armaments compared to peace keepers.

Filipino peace keepers in Syria will be pulled out this coming October.

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