Three impeachment complaints against PNoy found insufficient in substance

Three impeachment complaints against President Aquino were declared insufficient in substance. All three cases were grounded on DAP and EDCA.

All three complaints were voted 54-4. Only leftist lawmakers voted that the cases are sufficient in substance.

Right after the voting, some individuals from militant groups inside the hearing bring out their placards. House of Representatives security personnel immediately sent out these individuals.

“We recognize Congress as a co-equal branch of government and they are just following the processes under the law. We should just leave it to the House of Representatives because under the law, they have jurisdiction over it. So let’s wait for their decision,” Presidential Communications Operations Office Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. earlier said.

There were three complaints against Aquino first two were in connection with Development Assistance Program or DAP. The third was violating the Philippine Constitution and betraying public trust for engaging in Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement with US.

Finding these complaints insufficient in substance, the House of Representatives Committee on Justice will not further proceed with the impeachment proceedings.

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