Anti-China group behind NAIA 3 failed bomb attack

Self-proclaimedUnited States Allied Freedom Fighters of the East general defending Filipinos from China Pepito Guerrero with Emmanuel San Pedro and Sonny Yohanon were the individuals involved in the failed NAIA 3 bomb attack.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said these misguided protesters are not happy with the government’s handling of maritime dispute against China.

“They want this administration to espouse a tougher stand in this dispute (with) China. Apparently this is a misguided group,” de Lima said.

“You can have your opinions but if you do it in the violent way [it is still unlawful],” she added. “Who will benefit if you create chaos and sow panic to the community?”

De Lima added that seized improvised incendiary devices are potentially deadly within 5 to 10-meter radius. These individuals plan to create explosion within known Chinese-connected establishments including Chinese Embassy.

“Is it just really about China? Is it just about the taipans? Is there a bigger agenda or any other agenda that can result in destabilization?” de Lima stated.

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