Abigail Valte completes the ‘MRT Rush Hour’ challenge

Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte previously said she will do the MRT Rush Hour challenge.

During a Monday morning rush, September 1 Valte rode the MRT.

On her social networking site account, she said, “Took the MRT Rush Hour Challenge today at 8:24 am: North-Taft, LRT1 Taft to Central. Able to get a seat at Ayala stop.”


Photo from Abigail Valte’s Twitter account.

“Lined up at 8:24 am, able to ride at 9:01 am, got off at Taft by 9:41 am. Appreciate all the commuters who bear with the service on a daily basis we continue to ask for your understanding as we continue to push for improvements.”

The deputy spokesperson added that she rode the coach for male and female.

Valte’s completion of the challenge gained appreciation from Filipinos online.

Daily MRT and LRT commuters call on public officials to ride the MRT/LRT during rush hours without any security personnel. After completing the challenge the public official may give recommendation on how to improve the system. Valte agrees for more coaches.

Valte also participated in Ice Bucket challenge by donating to ALS patients at the Philippine General Hospital (PGH).

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