Immigration: No crackdown, arrested Chinese are simply illegally working

Tuesday, August 19, Chinese Embassy in Manila voiced concern regarding Chinese nationals being held by Philippine government suspected for working illegally in the country.

Chinese Embassy demanded that these Chinese individuals’ cases must be handled swiftly and fairly and they must be treated properly.

Fifty-five Chinese are currently in custody of BI as result of raids. Some are working in a construction site and some in retail stores in Manila.

Today, August 22, Philippine Bureau of Immigration clarified that there is no crackdown against Chinese nationals. BI added that arrests are not connected to maritime spat between Philippines and China.

BI spokesperson Atty. Elaine Tan said arrests are part of the government’s campaign to solve the problem in growing number of foreigners working in the Philippines without proper documents and working permit.

She added that this is a part of the bureau’s regular day to day tasks. “We are in touch with the consul as to the documents of their nationals. If a foreign national fails to present any document to support his employment, he will be issued the necessary charge sheet and will eventually be deported.”

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