Law proposed to increase public service airtime of TV, radio stations

Sorsogon First District Representative Evelina Escudero proposed House Bill 4641 to require broadcast media to increase public service airtime to boost government’s capability to reach Filipinos nationwide. This will pave way to effective dissemination of important public information and issues.

“Broadcast media is the best tool to relay information and motivate people to participate in nation building. It is the most effective vehicle to carry out the government’s ultimate goal to promote the objectives of sound government,” Escudero explained.

Escudero added that broadcast media has a great influence in shaping public perceptions and behavior, changing social attitudes and bringing about social integration.

The lady from Sorsogon noted that health, road and traffic discipline, good values, public safety, welfare rights and benefits and disaster preparedness are matters of public interest and concern.

“Thus, the government should relay and communicate the public policy on these matters through the use of the most effective and accessible means, the broadcast media,” she added.

Moreover, the measure wants to guarantee and confirm the social responsibility of broadcast media (television and radio stations) in serving the interest and welfare of the people.

If implemented, any TV or radio station who will not comply will be grounded for suspension, revocation or non-renewal of license to operate.

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