Binay’s vice-president is a businessman, ready to face Aquino in 2016

“Personally, I hope I can get a vice president who is a successful businessman coming from the private sector – not an elected official, not a politician,” said Vice President Binay.

But when asked for a name, Binay told reporters, “I have someone in mind, but everybody is being considered. It is still too early to tell. They may be our allies today and then our enemies in the coming days.”

There have been talks that Manny Pangilinan (MVP), a sports enthusiast and chairman of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company is one of few businessmen eyed by Binay as his running-mate.

Binay also distanced himself from DAP. “To those who are saying that we will not qualify because of DAP, we are not supporting DAP. We are against it.”

“I think that the decision of the Supreme Court should be respected. The position of Chief Justice Sereno is also correct. That is against the Constitution. Now they are saying that it is not, so they agree to it. DAP is wrong,” Binay added.

Vice President Binay also said he is ready to face President Aquino in the 2016 presidential election.

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