Senate, Congress urged to investigate on increasing Chinese workers in PH

The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) urged the Senate and House of Representatives to conduct probe and create measures to solve the problem in rising number of undocumented foreign workers inside the country.

According to TUCP, there is a surging number of Chinese and other foreigners working in the country without proper permits from the government. This, according to TUCP, causes negative effect to local industries and employment of Filipinos.

“There is indeed a clear, continuing and growing violation of our domestic laws. This further undermines the job security in the country as they compete with the already limited jobs generated for the Filipinos in our homeland,” TUCP spokesman Alan Tanjusay said.

The party list spokesman added that this is also for the good of migrant workers in the country. “They are susceptible to being abused for reasons such as their lack of capacity to speak and understand the Filipino language and other exploitative working conditions such as unjust compensation given to them. They should enjoy the freedom from this worst form of modern-day slavery.”

“We clearly reiterate that TUCP is not against the entry of foreign workers in the country, but of the adverse impact on our very own workers who are being deprived of potential employment and livelihood opportunities,” Tanjusay added.

TUCP party-list Rep. Raymond Mendoza already filed House Resolution 974 seeking a Congressional probe to help create measures on foreign workers in the country.

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