PNoy finally open for second term, amend Constitution

In an exclusive interview with TV5’s Mel Sta. Maria, President Aquino said he is now open for the amendment of Philippine Constitution. With the possible amendment, President Aquino will have a chance for a second presidential term via re-election.

Aquino said that at first he is not open to any charter change, but with the recent incidents like Supreme Court’s declaration that DAP is unconstitutional and a drumming call for his second term. He said, he is seriously rethinking things.

He said that the balance of power between the three branches seems to be vanishing. The SC, according to him, have been lately checking the executive and legislative branch too often. With this, SC’s power should be revisited.

President Aquino said all man-made things including the 1987 Constitution are not perfect. He added that many provisions in the Constitution needs update and fine tuning.

On the issue of second term, he said he will consult his bosses on how to ensure reforms he started will become permanent. But the President stressed that it does not mean he will automatically seek for another term.

“When I started this, I know I have one term of six years. Now, after having said that, of course I have to listen to my ‘bosses’,” Aquino said using Filipino.

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