Nancy Binay dares critics to impeach her father

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV said, “We’ll get there.” This was after Senator Nancy Binay dared political critics to file an impeachment case against his father Vice President Binay instead of doing a senate hearing.

“I’m not familiar with the rules,” what I know is the Vice President is an impeachable officer, the female senator said. She is also dubious about the real intention of the hearing.

“Let’s deal with the investigation [of the allegedly overpriced building in Makati] first. Once evidence will show that there was indeed some anomalies committed by Vice President Binay, then we will use that same evidence as a basis for his impeachment. But let’s not divert the issue. Let’s deal with the hearing first,” Trillanes explained.

Makati Mayor Binay, son of VP Binay said, “When the facts all come out and when the allegations are proven false, we ask nothing in return but a public apology from the senator who authored the probe and from the committee for allowing itself to be used as a venue for character assassination and political demolition.”

The Senate Blue Ribbon sub-committee hearing will be handled by Trillanes. Hearing will start next week.

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