Army reaffirms support to International Humanitarian Law

The Philippine Army participated in the celebration of 65th celebration of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Month hosted by the Department of National Defense.

Philippine Army nationwide conducted simultaneous Flag Raising Ceremony today followed by the pledge of reaffirmation of commitment and support to IHL.

Army Vice Chief Maj Gen Romulo M Cabantac Jr led the ceremony at Headquarters Philippine Army.

Maj Gen Cabantac said, “Once again, our institution affirms its commitment to proper conduct of soldiers during operations. The Army also continues to uphold its practice of clear command responsibility in times of war and to the humane treatment of combatants and non-combatants alike in times of armed conflicts”.

“Thus, in recognition of this, the operations, tactics, techniques, and procedures of the AFP have been continuously guided by the IPSP strategic imperative of Adherence to Human Rights, International Humanitarian Law, and the Rule of Law.”

“This celebration is a renewed call to all members of the force to live up to the deeper meaning of our core purpose to serve the people and secure the land. As we continue to live up to our pledge to protect the lives and freedom of our fellow citizens, we are also encouraged to be keenly aware of the effects of conflicts, especially to non-combatants. Respect for the rights of these people should be upheld at all times” Cabantac said.

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