PH to China, ASEAN countries: relationships are not solely measured by projects

During the ASEAN-China Ministerial Meeting held August 09 at Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, Secretary Del Rosario said relations between ASEAN countries and China should not solely be measured projects.

“The continued deepening of our relationship, however, is not only seen in numbers of projects, but in the enabling environment that makes such projects possible. Such an environment must be guided by the rule of law,” the Secretary remarked.

“The strength of our relationship must therefore not only be measured by the number of projects we cooperatively undertake.”

“Developments on the ground and on the seas should equally be amicable to reflect and complement the commitment with which we pursue our diplomatic dialogue,” Secretary Del Rosario said.

Secretary Del Rosario also noted that people-to-people interaction and connectivity is important in maintaining a healthy sense of community among the ASEAN and Chinese peoples.

“Tensions in the South China Sea have worsened in the past few months and continue to deteriorate. All of us are seeing an increased pattern of aggressive behavior and provocative actions in the South China Sea, seriously threatening the peace, security, prosperity and stability in the region,” the secretary emphasized.

As planned del Rosario discussed the Triple Action Plan (TAP) approach to decrease tension in the South China Sea in the said meeting.

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