Cayetano says extend PNoy’s legacy not his term

Senate Majority Leader Alan Cayetano wants to extend the reforms President Aquino started but does not want another term for PNoy.

“I have been fully supportive of President Aquino and his administration’s [straight path] reforms and platform of good governance which have led to an impressive economic growth,” Cayetano expressed.

“President Aquino has done more than enough for the country and deserves to enjoy his life with his family when he steps down by the year 2016.”

According to Senator Cayetano, President Aquino does not conform for a charter change.

Cayetano urged the Filipino to vote someone who could continue PNoy’s legacy.

“Choosing the next Chief Executive in the 2016 elections will be crucial. It will determine if we will continue to move forward or go back to a GMA type of governance where protest and instability were constant because of widespread corruption.”

“If we truly believe in President Aquino, we should not endanger his legacy by putting a corrupt official into power,” Senator Cayetano noted.

Alan Peter Cayetano is a possible standard bearer of Nacionalista party in the 2016 presidential election. Nacionalista will possibly declare their standard bearer December this year.

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