China says to PH, nobody can stop us from building in Spratly

“The Spratly Islands are China’s intrinsic territory, and what China does or doesn’t do is up to the Chinese government. Nobody can change the government’s position,” said Yi Xianliang, deputy head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Boundary and Ocean Affairs Department.

“Why is it that when other countries wantonly build airports, nobody says a word? But China has only this year started small and necessary construction, to raise living conditions on the islands – and so many people raise doubts,” the Chinese diplomat added.

This statement from the Chinese diplomat is amid the Philippines’ launching of Triple Action Plan (TAP) which will seek support from ASEAN community to to reduce the rising level of tension in the South China Sea.

TAP contains three phases, the immediate which is the call for a moratorium on activities that escalates tensions like reclamation and drilling in South China Sea, intermediate is the full and effective implementation of the DOC and the expeditious conclusion of the Code of Conduct, and the final which is a final and enduring resolution anchored on international law – decision if international tribunal.

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