Jinggoy Estrada confident to get bail petition approval

Senator Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada is ‘pretty confident’ that he will soon be out of jail. “The witnesses they present to the court have no probative value. I hope they present [Benhur Luy] and Ruby Tuason for the court to determine if I will be given bail or not.”

Vic Escalante, an investigator from the Office of the Ombudsman, was put to Sandiganbayan Fifth Division’s witness stand for Jingoy Estrada’s bail petition hearing. Escalante’s testimony was, according to Estrada’s defense, weak.

“He (Escalante) does not have any knowledge that Luy delivered money to me or any person for that matter,” Estrada said? to reporters after the hearing. “He’s not even sure that I amassed more than P50 million. He doesn’t even know that I received any kickback or whatever.”

“I hope they present strong witnesses to expedite this hearing. Time in jail is time wasted,” Senator Estrada noted.

Estrada is looking for Sandiganbayan Fifth Division’s approval for his request to post bail.

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