Mayor Erap approved construction of condo affecting the view of Rizal monument

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada approved DMCI Homes to continue constructing the 40-storey Torre de Manila. The said construction gained different reactions from Filipinos, majority are saying it will become a photo bomber for the country’s independence symbol Rizal monument.

“Yung mata lang ang ating nabubusog, pero maraming walang trabaho dito sa atin kaya kelangan siguro tignan din natin yung kapakanan ng mga mahihirap,” Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada told ABS-CBN.

Torre de Manila is a kilometer away from Rizal monument. However, it will greatly affect the view of Rizal monument.

Filipinos online expressed their feelings regarding the construction. One comment says, “Luneta Park and the Rizal Monument does not only belong to Manila nor to one mayor. It belongs to the Philippines and the Filipino people.”

Manila Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals imposed conditions in building the condominium. The developer must plant two layers of very tall trees between Torre de Manila and the Rizal Monument to strategically enhance the vista.

Billboards, tarps, other forms of advertising on the building’s exterior will not be allowed. It was also redesigned to fully complement the Rizal Monument.

DMCI Homes was also tasked to help boost local economy by providing livelihood and employment to the area and Manila residents.

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