No mention of West PH Sea in SONA a great strategy

Department of Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario said it was a ‘great strategy’ not mentioning the maritime dispute in West Philippine Sea during the president’s SONA.

The Philippines is already waiting for the international tribunal’s ruling early 2016. According to del Rosario there is “not much to say about the arbitration case.”

“We have this plan to submit a suggestion on a moratorium and that would be the immediate approach to the exacerbating problems in the South China Sea.” The foreign affairs chief will be bringing up the said moratorium in Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit in Myanmar next month.

“It’s constructive, it’s positive and it’s comprehensive. No one will quarrel with you on that right to get a moratorium on exacerbating situation there and ultimately to manage tension.”

“We’re trying to get as many parties to adopt it as possible but I think we’re working on the claimant states to consider that. We’ll present it in every forum because it’s constructive, it’s positive, it’s comprehensive.”

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