Nancy Binay says opposition not supporting coup, impeachment

“We will not support any unconstitutional means,” Senator Nancy Binay said. According to her, the impeachment case against President Aquino won’t get any support from opposition UNA how much more coup d’etat.

Nancy Binay explained retired generals identified with the administration of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo will not get support from them. “Kami yung consistent na kontra kay GMA from the very beginning na naoverthrow si former President Joseph Estrada hanggang sa buong nine years na she was in power, kami yung lumalaban sa kanya.”

Senator Binay said there will be no basis for destabilization because during the SONA Aqauino highlighted AFP modernization. “Di ba na-itemized niya pa nga kung ilang eroplano, choppers, by next year ata me bago silang gamit. So I don’t see any reason bakit kailangan may grumbling.”

She added that Aquino only has two years and there’s no reason to abruptly end the president’s term.

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