Binay says uphold constitution in making progress for country

“Our Charter holds a mandate that transcends that of any elected official and stands supreme. It is not an obstacle to progress but instead, safeguards our participation in the most important affairs of the nation,” Vice President Jejomar Binay said in an event of Rotary Club of Makati.

“The Supreme Court ruling [on the DAP] teaches us that while we must pursue crucially innovative reforms in government processes, we must at all times ensure that these never stray beyond the boundaries that our Constitution defines,” the Vice President added.

“Our Constitution was the sovereign Filipino people’s first great step towards restoring a democratic rule of law after having suffered divisive wounds for over two decades,” he said. “We believed then, as we believe now, that this Constitution would set the stage for each Filipino to reap the fruits of progress, to participate in his own rise from poverty to dignity, and to pave a road towards a peaceful and vibrant future.”

“I also implore all of us to meet this moment with sobriety, resisting temptations to engage in speculation, and to permit our legal processes to take their course.”

“I am not dissuading our countrymen from exercising vigilance, as now is when all of us must show nothing less than the deepest concern for how this matter is resolved. It is however my earnest prayer that we not fall prey to emotion. Rather, let us weigh events with as impassionate a sense of justice as we can muster.”

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