Filipinos have nothing to worry about bubonic plague

A 38 year old Chinese man from Yumen in Ganzu, China died Wednesday suspected of having bubonic plague. The entire town of Yumen with over 30,000 population was already isolated from the entire country of China.

Amid the said bubonic plague-scare, the Philippine government is confident that the said plague will not go worldwide. “The areas affected have already been quarantined. And that is the best thing to do to avoid the spread of the disease,” Department of health spokesperson Dr. Lyndon Lee Suy.

Movement of individuals from Yumen have been banned. Police officers are guarding 10 checkpoints around the quarantined area.

“There is clearly no reason [for the Filipinos] to be alarmed over this plague in China,” DOH spokesperson assured.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) identified this plague as one of the most deadly infectious diseases. Antibiotic treatments are now available to fight the disease, however, without immediate response an infected individual can die within 24 hours.

Signs and symptoms includes gangrene of the extremities, chills, malaise, high fever, cramps, and seizures.

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