Filipino construction worker beheaded in Libya, all Filipinos must get out of Libya

Department of Foreign Affairs urged approximately 13,000 Filipinos to get out of Libya on Monday. This statement was followed by DFA Spokesman Charles Jose’s revelation that a Filipino male construction worker was beheaded by Libyan militiamen.

The Filipino male construction worker was abducted by the militia in Benghazi on July 15 and asked for ransom. Jose emphasized that non-Muslims in Libya are of high-value targets.

“The vehicle that he was riding in was stopped at a checkpoint. There were three of them a Libyan, a Pakistani and a Filipino. He was allegedly singled out because he was a non-Muslim,” Charles Jose said.

The abductors asked the Filipino’s employer for $160,000 ransom after eventually “they received a call from the abductors on July 20 referred them to a Benghazi hospital,” Jose stated. But instead of finding an alive body they found a beheaded decomposing Filipino worker.

“The threats to our Filipinos’ safety and security became more imminent. We would like to get them out of harm’s way because of this incident,” Jose explained.

According to Jose, hundreds of Filipinos have already registered for repatriation. Philippine Embassy in Libya will arrange their travel papers for soon repatriation. Philippine government will shoulder all expenses for the said repatriation.

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