Japan turn overs eight new flood fighting equipment to PH government

Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines Toshinao Urabe turned over to Secretary of Public Works and Highways Rogelio L. Singson, on Wednesday, July 9, eight new mobile drainage pumps from the Government of Japan through the Grant Aid Program for the Project for the Improvement of Equipment for Disaster Risk Management in the Philippines.

With these equipment, DPWH will be enabled to swiftly respond during floods usually triggered by typhoons, tropical depression, continuing heavy rains, and aggravated by man-made causes such as waterways blockage by solid waste and encroachment of natural waterways.

Central Luzon, Southern Tagalog, Central and Eastern Visayas, Davao Region, Caraga, and Metro Manila will be benefited with these new equipment.

Drainage pumps are mounted on trucks with a built-in generator set and 50 meter pump hose with complete accessories, to support the flood fighting activity of DPWH by pumping flood waters from water-logged areas into river systems or drainage outfalls.

Japan, as a major donor to Philippine disaster mitigation program, shares their technology and expertise gained through experience from past natural disasters.

Two years ago, the Japanese government granted assistance to improve Philippine government’s equipment for disaster risk management, including the installation of Real-time Earthquake and Tsunami Monitoring Systems and a Tsunami Simulation Database to assist the country’s disaster risk reduction capability.

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