Aquino vows to pass FOI bill – urged to keep on going

At the Daylight Dialogue, a forum attended by World Bank President Dr. Jim Yong Kim, held Tuesday July 15 at Malacanang Palace President Aquino said that the government is dedicated “to do what benefits the vast majority of people at the soonest possible time.”

Aquino emphasized that his government “can never be satisfied with the status quo. It is with this belief that we have always evaluated ourselves, and revisited programs and policies to ensure the utmost efficiency in rendering service to the Filipino people.”

“This is the only way that the Philippines can continue on its upward trajectory, and reap the benefits of the reforms that Dr. Kim cited earlier—this is the fastest way we can move towards the vision we share with the World Bank: a future of true inclusivity and equitable prosperity.”

On the same forum, Makati Business Club President Ramon R. del Rosario Jr. congratulated Aquino for his national address delivered Monday, July 14 to clarify DAP.

The Makati Business Club President also said that Aquino should continue doing what he think is right and good for the Filipino people and for the economy.

Del Rosario also asked President Aquino about the status of Freedom of Information Bill.

President Aquino vowed that before his term ends on 2016 FOI Bill will be passed.

This bill, according to MBC President, would institutionalized Aquino’s “tuwid na daan” policy that will be carried out in the next administrations.