Chinese businessman charged with hacking military-related files including F-35 fighter jet data

A Chinese businessman was charged by US Department of Justice with hacking of Boeing and other US defense contractors’ computer systems.

This is in the midst of heightened tension between US and China’s relation over economic and military espionage.

The Chinese businessman is Su Bin owner of a Chinese aviation technology company with an office in Canada.

According to papers filed in a US court, Su conspired with two unidentified hackers in China between 2009 to 2013. They were instructed on what data to target.

These two Chinese, as instructed by Su, have stolen data from Boeing and Lockheed Martin Corp., data stolen are related to C-17 military cargo plane, F-22 and F-35 fighter jets.

“We appreciate that the government brought its concerns about a potential compromise of our protected computer systems to our attention,” Boeing said. “Our cooperation with the government’s investigation demonstrates the company’s commitment to holding accountable individuals who perpetrate economic espionage or trade secret theft against U.S. companies.”

US in May also filed charges against five Chinese military officials for stealing trade secrets through cyber-espionage.

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