PhP500 fine for Metro Manila jaywalkers or 3 hours community service

“We have been recording a high number of road accidents involving pedestrians. Perhaps we should also increase the fines for jaywalking,” Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chair Francis Tolentino said last month.

“The rate of the pedestrian-related accidents is so high and a lot of people involved in them are jaywalkers,” Tolentino explained. “With pedestrians [and not motorists] violating traffic rules, they end up being hit and run over even by small vehicles.”

Yesterday, Tuesday, Metro Manila Council, composed of Metro Manila mayors, approved the proposal of MMDA to raise the fine for jaywalkers from PhP200 to PhP500, if the violator has no cash to pay for the fine, there is an option to render 3 hours of community service previously 30 minutes or undergo a disaster preparedness seminar.

According to MMDA Chairman Tolentino new penalties will take effect 15 days after publication in major newspaper.

As per MMDA’s record, 10,603 jaywalkers were apprehended from January to June of this year.

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