PH Navy’s anti-submarine warfare helis specification revealed by DND, Indonesia interested to bid

The Department of National Defense (DND) has revealed in a supplemental bid bulletin some technical specifications of the anti-submarine warfare (ASW) helicopter it is looking for the Philippine Navy.

DND has an allocated budget of PhP5.4 billion for two ASW helis.

The specification included in DND’s supplemental bid bulletin are as follows:

  • Endurance of at least two hours in ASW configuration.
  • Range of 240 nautical miles in full ASW configuration.
  • Must provide individual crew stations for pilots and operational crew members (TACCO and SENSO) to safely operate necessary sensor/equipment during ASW and ASUW operations. Nevertheless, suppliers may present other options which are responsive to the requirements based on modern technologies being applied in other foreign navies.
  • Shall be fitted with an automatic/main rotor blade fold system (if four bladed) and/or tail pylon fold system if longer than the ship’s helicopter hangar.
  • Identification Friend or Foe (IFF)/Selective Identification Feature (SIF).
  • Portable downlink receiver. At least one brand-new unit per helicopter. Must be ready to be installed in any surface ship or ground station specified by the Philippine Navy (PN). Must be interoperable with the installed data link system of the ASW helicopter.

Bid opening and submission for the ASW helicopters is scheduled on July 15. Winning bidder must deliver aircraft within 730 calendar days after receiving the Notice to Proceed.

Early report said that AgustaWestland is a strong contender in the said project and will offer it’s AW-159 “Wildcat”. AgustaWestland is the manufacturer of Philippine Navy and Air Force’s attack helis to be delivered before the year ends.

Aside from AgustaWestland, it shows that PT Dirgantara Indonesia is also interested to bid for Navy’s ASW.

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