PH must ask China to clarify new military law – analyst

Security and defense analyst Rommel Banlaoi said, “China is rushing to have total control over these areas for the much-needed semblance of ownership before the Code of Conduct in the South China Sea is finally passed.”

In an interview with ABS-CBN News Channel, Banlaoi said that “the Philippine government can express its sentiment or file a diplomatic protest to clarify what is the meaning of the law.”

He said any country can create laws to protect its own national interest, however, “if China does not make its domestic law consistent with international law, we have to tell China that.”

On August 21, China will implement the new law to protect its military installations and restricted facilities from inadvertent intrusions and spying.

If implemented in South China Sea including West Philippine Sea, which China is claiming, violence is foreseen.

The Philippine Navy and Air Force have increased presence in the said waters to monitor China’s reclamation activities. China’s building of artificial island is said to be part of China’s plan to install military airstrip and ports inside West Philippine Sea.

According to Department of Foreign Affairs, the government is now studying the new law and its possible implications.

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