New Chinese law protecting military installations can lead to violence in West PH Sea

China’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee enacted the Protection of Military Installations law, a version of a 1990 law, that will protect China’s military restricted facilities against inadvertent intrusions and spying.

According to report, People’s Liberation Army will be using the new version of 1990 law to increase protection of China’s military zones being probed by any foreign intelligence and intruded by non-Chinese military personnel. Example used was ‘fishermen sailing into military restricted waters’.

The said law will be implemented August 1, 2014.


“If the new law will only be implemented in the coastal areas of China and not in the contested areas, then there is no reason to worry,” Rommel Banlaoi, Center for Intelligence and National Security Studies (CINSS) chairman said.

However, if implemented on disputed waters like in the West Philippine Sea, it could lead to violence. “That is what we are trying to avoid. We don’t want the current tension to escalate into military violence.”

Department of Foreign Affairs is now studying the implication of the said new Chinese law to the Philippines.

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